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Based on your data. American coaches are willing to take athletes at your level. In order to provide you an accurate information about your chances, we need to evaluate your achievements in sports and study for a period of the most recent 2-3 years. We gather information about your participation in tournaments, evaluate your English proficiency and academic performance. Only after collecting all the information, we can accurately assess your chances and provide information about what universities can consider you as a potential student athlete.

American universities are one of the richest academic institutions in the world. Universities such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT have long become brands with multimillion-dollar profits. Sport is an integral part of their success, and a source of huge income. The main sports that bring profit to universities are American football and basketball. Hundreds of university stadiums are completely filled with spectator fans during seasonal games. Sales of merchandise, tickets, advertising — these are the main sources of income for sports departments of universities. Millions of student-athletes from around the world were part of a sports scholarship program, including such great athletes as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

No, because the final choice of the university depends on various factors. In order to get accepted, you must pass 2 tests, prove your high level of sports, and be active in communicating with coaches. We send you to all the universities offering scholarships. You start a conversation with responding coaches, and make your choice based on your personal criterias that are important to you. On our side we provide you with all the necessary information about coaches and universities, which will help you to make the right choice.

Вузы США – одни из богатейших академических организаций мира. Такие вузы, какHarvard, Stanford, MIT давно стали брендами с многомиллионными прибылями. Спорт является неотъемлемой частью их успеха, и источником огромного дохода. Основными видами спорта, приносящими прибыль вузам, являются американский футбол и баскетбол. Стотысячные стадионы, которые строят себе университеты, полностью заполняются зрителями-фанатами во время сезонных соревнований. Продажи мерчендайза, билетов, размещение рекламы – вот основные источники дохода спортивных департаментов университетов. Миллионы студентов-атлетов со всего мира были частью программы спорт стипендий, в том числе такие великие спортсмены, как Майкл Джордан и Тайгер Вудс.

On average, the admission process lasts 2 years. Ideally, it’s better to start the recruiting process in the 10th grade. In this case, it is possible to start preparing for tests and communicating with coaches in advance.

To study in the US university on a sports scholarship you need to pass 2 tests — SAT and TOEFL. SAT is an international exam for admission to American universities, which you can take up to 5 times a year anywhere in the world. This test evaluates your knowledge of English and Math. The maximum score is 1600. TOEFL is another test. The abbreviation stand for Test of English as a Foreign Language. You can take the test worldwide. The maximum score is 120.

This is real. Women’s soccer is quite popular in the United States and is generously funded by American universities. If your athletic achievements meet the requirements of coaches you can get a full or partial scholarship.

Our company is engaged in the recruitment of student-athletes to study in American universities. We are engaged in the selection of universities, negotiating with coaches and employees of admissions. We guarantee the quality work of recruiting an athlete. However, our work cannot be completed without passing the SAT and TOEFL entrance tests. In the case that an athlete for some reason does not pass or get an appropriate score, the company cannot help with enrolling in a university. In all other cases, we are doing everything possible to ensure the successful departure of the athlete to the university.

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