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Sports Scholarships in the USA

The sports scholarship program was first appeared in 1952, and since then millions of American and international students have taken advantage of it. The NCAA, the National Association of Student Sports, is the main organization governing sports at the university level. The university’s scholarship fund now has about $ 3 billion distributed to 200,000 student athletes.

How can you get an athletic scholarship?

There are many criterias for obtaining scholarships. The main ones are as follows:

— sports at the professional level

— good grades at school

— knowledge of English

Steps to get a scholarship:

1. Free evaluation of the chances of an athlete (communication with the manager of the company)

2. Discussion of admission requirements and successful departure to the United States

3. Signing the contract and start of the recruiting process

4. Creating an athletic profile for a student

5. Scholarship negotiating with an athletic department

6. SAT and TOEFL tests

7. Confirmation of the conditions for obtaining scholarships and signing the contract

8. Registration with the Athletic Association

9. Paperwork, confirmation of documentary evidence of admission to the university

10. Applying for a student visa and preparing for an interview

11. Departure to the United States to study

Why American education?

— High rankings of the universities (top positions in the world academic ratings –Shanghai, QS, etc.)

— Great combination of studying and playing your sport

— Opportunity to study for free ( accommodation, food and equipment might be covered)

— Training with highly qualified and professional coaching staff

— Flexible practice system, the ability to create your own school schedule, depending on your academic goals

— Worldwide recognized diploma

— Performance at prestigious conferences of the NCAA Sports Association

— Ability to find work after graduation, work and live in the United States

— Huge selection of academic majors to study

— Studying with the best teachers, professors, Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners

— Academic and athletic building are within walking distance: all infrastructure is located inside the campus of the university

— Ability to travel around the States with the team during the matches at no cost

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