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Finding an athletic scholarship up to 100% coverage of all the expenses.

Sports scholarship covers all costs associated with training, accommodation, meals and equipment.
Worldwide recognized diploma.
Opportunity to build your dream career.

(you can live and work in the USA)
Professional help in achieving your goals.

О компании ASPORTUSA


In 2014, the dream of our co-founder Anna Makhneva came true. She received a full scholarship to play tennis and study in the American university. It was a difficult path, during which she learned all the subtleties of the recruiting process, met American coaches, visited various parts of the United States, successfully graduated from the university and received a bachelor's degree. Currently, Anna lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Together with her team, she can help other athletes fulfill their dream of getting a sports scholarship in the United States.

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Real success story

Hello, my name is Anna Makhneva. In 2018 I graduated from Chowan University in North Carolina. It was the best time in my life, I traveled with more than half of the US states with the team, in 2016 we won a Conference Tournament. I have many friends from different countries all over the world. After spending 4 years in the USA I have advanced my level of English language . After graduating from the university I got a job at a worldwide known American company in Cleveland, Ohio.

Everyone has the opportunity to study and live in the USA. Just start doing it...

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Real Story of success

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